Your Teeth can Tell You a Lot About Your Overall Health

TeethYour perception about yourself can affect your health in many ways. What you see in the mirror and how you look at yourself affect not only your mental and emotional well-being but also your physical health. Therefore, when you do not like what you see or you look at yourself poorly, you can expect a decline in your health.

Since your teeth are one of the first things others see when you smile, they can directly affect your self-esteem and self-image in either a good or a bad way. Here is how the state of your teeth can affect you:


Missing tooth/teeth can actually make you look more mature or older than you really are. The gaps caused by missing teeth are responsible for this since they alter your facial features. One common appearance-changing effect of tooth loss is a sunken cheek.

Inclination not to smile

Problems such as crooked, missing, discoloured, chipped, or damaged teeth also increase one’s inclination not to smile. This can affect how people perceive you, especially since hiding your smile gives you a stern or strict vibe. People may want to avoid you, which can affect your emotional or mental state.

Social anxiety

Poor oral health may also cause you unnecessary social anxiety since it can keep you from making conversations with people. This can cause stress and can even negatively affect your social and professional life.

Depression and other mental/emotional health problems

Anxiety is just one of the mental/emotional health problems associated with having poor oral health. Studies have shown that people who have teeth concerns are at risk of suffering from depression, too. In children, embarrassment and shying away from others are common, which can lead to poor performance in school and social isolation.

According to Blue Sky Dentistry, fortunately, there are ways to keep these problems at bay, one of which is to seek the services of cosmetic dentists or orthodontists. Treatments such as braces in Northern Ireland are available, and can help you prevent these oral health concerns.