Your Quick Guide to Maintaining Stain-Free Teeth

Dental CareTeeth whitening is perhaps the most common of all cosmetic dental solutions. This is understandable since stained teeth have a huge impact on a person’s appearance. This may even take a toll on your self-esteem, which in turn may affect day-to-day activities.

Such is the impact of having stained teeth. To prevent the rapid staining of your teeth, here are some things you should keep in mind:

Cut Down on Foods and Drinks that Cause Staining

One way to control the staining of your teeth is to cut down your consumption of foods and drinks that cause staining. Candies, sweetened foods, and even berries are examples of foods that can easily stain your teeth. Likewise, sauces such as soy sauce, tomato sauce, and curry sauce can cause the same problem. Some drinks are also the culprit. These include wines, teas, sports drinks, colas, and other colored carbonated drinks.

Brush or Rinse after Eating

To limit the effect of stain-causing foods, it is best to brush your teeth after eating. Brush your teeth immediately since acid in your drinks or foods are most harmful within a period of 30 minutes. In the absence of a toothbrush, the next best thing to do is rinse your mouth.

Stop Smoking

One major cause of staining is the habit of smoking. Dentists and subject experts explain that nicotine tends to appear prominently in your front teeth. Obviously, quitting smoking would surely eliminate the appearance of nicotine in your teeth.

The best way to address stained teeth, however, is to have them cleaned in a dental clinic. You can always visit your dentist. By making your dental visits regular, you also get to have checkups and tips from your dentist on how to prevent staining of your teeth. You may also use a teeth whitening kit, which is usually available at the pharmacy.