Your Eyebrows May Be Adding Years to Your Appearance

eyebrow studio in brisbaneYou may not know it, but well-defined eyebrows can change the look of your face and complement your features. In fact, according to Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, brows are the most important facial feature, holding the highest face value. Apart from filtering dirt and sweat that might get into the eyes, a report from Yahoo! Health notes that they have a strong social significance for facial recognition and emotional expression.

Thick eyebrows, for the most part, are a sign of youth. As you get older, the aging process leads to thinning hair, including the eyebrows. Sparse and thinning brows are what many consider undesirable aspects of the aging process. The Brow and Skin Studio suggests grooming your brows for a youthful appearance.

Fading Tails

Vanishing brows are not your only enemy; disappearing tails or fading brows can also make you look older. Brows usually thin at the outer edges, and can be the result of over plucking. Without the tail of the brow, your eyes may seem tired and droopy. It is best to lengthen brows with a pencil to make your eyes look sexy and youthful.

Bushy Brows

Overgrown or bushy brows are big no-no. This is because coarser and longer hair can make the eyes look smaller and even make the lids look droopy. Women’s brows need to need to have a more feminine shape and must be well maintained. Extremely thick brows need to be trimmed to frame your eyes, balance your features and make you look younger.

Grey Strands

Grey hairs don’t just appear on the head. If grey strands start to pop up in your brows, it could cause you to look significantly older. Grey or white brows can disappear completely and make your facial features look unbalanced from afar. Tinted brow gels can help, but dyeing them at the salon is your best fix.

Don’t let your eyebrows make you a lot older than you really are. There are many products and services available if you’re not blessed with a set of lush arches at birth. You can also visit your salon for professional styling—hair and makeup experts know which brow shape will work best for your face and can change your entire look.