Wrinkle Myths: Do Lines Come From Smiling Too Much?

a woman flashing a big smileIt is easy to think that smiling can cause wrinkles. The grooves where you smile are often the first significant change you can see when you feel like you are starting to get old. The lines on your face that only appear when you smile seem to be more permanent now. While it is easy to put the two together, smiling a lot is not really the culprit.

Before you put the blame on your smiling habits, consider tracking what other habits you may have that contribute to skin aging. Getting wrinkle removal cream online is easy, but phytomerusa.com notes that knowing the source of the problem can also help.

Losing elasticity

Your smile is not the reason for the early appearance of wrinkles, it is the loss of elasticity. Though they may be more apparent on your nasolabial folds, those lines only mean they are the most affected by the loss of collagen. Your facial skin has its storage of collagen that keeps the surface looking healthy and plump.

As you age, your body produces less collagen that holds your face together. Taking supplements or applying creams that help bring back this essential component are the tricks to keep your skin looking young.

Sun exposure

While the sun’s rays may be important for the body to produce Vitamin D, constant exposure can be harmful. Prolonged exposure to sunlight causes your skin to lose its ability to hold water. Your body already has its way of fighting sunlight, but it does not hurt to help it with wearing sunscreen. It can also prevent other skin diseases caused by the sun.

Stopping yourself from smiling will not do much to prevent lines. Even frowning or talking forces your facial muscles to move and crease. So why keep yourself from smiling and looking your best while you are young?