Women’s Drinking Habits: What the Numbers Reveal

beerA survey shows that about 47% of women fall under the classification of current drinkers, or people who have consumed alcohol in the past 30 days. Recent trends also revealed an increased number of employed women who are drinking more amounts of alcohol with increased frequency. Part of this growth in number may be a reflection of women becoming more open when discussing their drinking habits.

Alcohol treatment centers for women note the changes that contribute to the current statistics:

Social stigmas are changing

Compared with men, women are more likely to feel more shameful about getting drunk and drinking in general. Nevertheless, it seems this stigma may be gradually changing, especially among the younger generations. While men have more numbers in bars and drinking places, women are now drinking more than they did in the past.

A survey conducted among college students across the U.S. showed that about one in three female students practices binge drinking. In addition, the rate of binge drinking in colleges exclusive for women has doubled between 1993 and 2001. A significant number of college male students are still dependent on alcohol, but females comprise more than half of alcohol abusers among college students involved in the survey.

Disturbing trends on alcoholism

These numbers are quite alarming, considering the fact that binge drinking does not only carry higher health risks for both men and women. This also increases the chances of both unplanned and unwanted sexual activities. As survey shows, female adolescents engage in premarital relations while under the influence of alcohol. There was also a study involving sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Anyone who has experienced the struggle to overcome alcohol abuse understands how difficult the recovery process can be. The great thing is that alcohol treatment centers have effective programs to address specific needs. This means hope is not lost for those who want to turn away from their severe drinking habits.