Why You’re Never Too Old for Braces

bracesNot everyone gets the privilege of wearing braces in their childhood or teenage years because of lack of resources or for whatever reason. You may be thinking that it is too late to put on braces because of your age, but there are now improvements in dentistry that allow you to straighten your teeth, even in adulthood.

You Have Choices: Clear or Traditional Braces

You have options on which kind of braces you want to use, whether it is traditional or Invisalign. You are no longer stuck with just one option to straighten your teeth.

Traditional braces help straighten your teeth and reduce the gaps that visibly show whenever you smile, but this type also creates problems. You have to be careful with what you eat as it is difficult to clean and remove food debris. It also takes quite some time to get used to having a metal brace in your mouth. You will feel pain and discomfort in the first few weeks, but these braces correct your crooked teeth faster.

Solas Orthodontics cites that clear braces are a good option for adults who want a straight smile without looking like an awkward teenager with a lisp.

Clear braces provide you with the same benefits as metal braces, but without the metallic look and painful ordeal of wearing them. It may take longer for your teeth to straighten when you use this option.

Straight Teeth are Healthier

Crooked teeth have a lot of gaps, which make room for debris to get stuck or cavities to grow. Plaque may accumulate between your teeth and lead to other problems such as gum disease, gingivitis, bleeding gums and other painful oral diseases.

Misaligned teeth may also lead to over or under bite, which make it difficult to chew and puts a lot of strain on your jaw. At your age, you need to have straight teeth to avoid tooth ailments because as you age, it will be difficult to cure these. Straight teeth are easier to clean and prevent the accumulation of cavity and plaque in the gaps.

A Good Smile Boosts Confidence

Smiling shows you have confidence; your self-esteem drops when you have crooked teeth. Lack of confidence during adulthood will make it difficult for you to get promotions or jobs you want. It is also hard to impress someone during a date when you do not have the killer smile to win people’s attention.

It is never too late to get your crooked teeth fixed despite your age. You have options for teeth straightening that were not available before. Straight teeth also have health benefits and are a good confidence booster.