Why You Should Change Pillows Every 6 Months

Everyone owns a favorite pillow, but it has to be replaced every six months no matter how comfortable it may be. Experts say that changing pillows around this timeline, and especially within two years, is necessary to avoid certain health conditions.

Beyond Wearing and Ample Support

pillowsThe case of buying new pillows is completely different from a mattress, which can span from five to 10 years. Sleep to Live Institute director, Robert Oexman DC, shares that the focus is less about the pillow wearing out or no longer providing an adequate support to the back and the shoulders, but because of the things trapped in their overtime. As being used every night, pillows can house dirt, oil, and dead skin cells, which may cause inexplicable breakouts—acne.

Breeding Ground for Dust Mites

Also, microscopic critters, like dust mites, hang out in the crevices of pillows. Thousands, or even millions, of them congregate on the very cushion you lay your head on every night. The presence of dust mites is bad news for people with allergy to bugs.

Getting new pillows, even before the six-month period is up, is also necessary whenever you buy a new mattress. The firmness of the new mattress will change the gap between your back and shoulders, so a new pillow is paramount for ample support.