Why You Need to Stay Updated

CertBlaster Imagine the first computer. With its limited memory, bulky processor and expensive parts, it could not be used by most people. Imagine your previous phones. You probably have a unit with a capacity twice that of your previous one. And every so often, you upgrade to a newer model. Why?

Cost and Performance

One thing you will note after a quick comparison of Samsung and Apple’s flagship phones is they are able to give more for the same price or a lesser price. They may double the storage space, while the operating system requires lesser free space. Some add the ability to expand the memory further, while others promise faster performance because of the new processors.

Just as certifications like A+ 901 and 902 have replaced the 801 and 802 CertBlaster tests, your new phone is supposed to be better and more intuitive. A+ 901 and 902 objectives revolve around the idea of timeliness because technology is always changing and IT professionals need to know how to adapt. The same is true for your mobile devices.

Additional Functionalities

Samsung’s “infinity” display may have seemed like nothing but an expensive whistle to their flagship phone when it was first introduced, but those who have experienced it now swear by it. It makes watching videos a better experience because of the non-existent borders. Apple also teases more handy features for its iPhone. Several smartphones are now also waterproof up to a certain depth. Have you ever imagined that all these would be possible in the past?

Better Features

Samsung, which also sells smart cameras, incorporates their latest features into their flagship smartphone. Doing so makes them a tough competitor to beat. Apple’s cameras are not so far behind, however, with its settings giving you great lighting even in dim areas. In a world where almost everyone loves taking pictures and capturing moments, everyone wants a better camera. The upgrade makes phones easier to sell because of the demand.

There is always an update to a software or to a device. Even computer systems get updated for security patches, too. Stay updated to know how to use the best and latest features.