Why Most Men are In Love with Their Cars

men carThe striking brilliance of its hood when hit by the sunlight, the gleaming wheels that seem resistant to dirt and the roar of the engine that embodies its raw power—with these qualities, who wouldn’t fall for a car? But, the more puzzling question would be, “Why are men more drawn to cars than women do?”

Men have developed a longstanding love affair with these mechanical beauties. Women love cars, too, but they’re not as grand as men when it comes to showering their autos with fondness and regard. You’ll rarely hear about a woman converting a parcel of land into a giant garage to make room for her collection of cars. Men, on the other hand, may go so far as marrying their cars. They won’t mind frequenting exclusive shops, such as Fuchsfelgen, just to make their beasts a whole lot sexier.

Below are some theoretical insights that will provide explanations on men’s passion for cars:

Evolutionary Roots

During primitive times, men used to hunt, which meant they had to move a lot. This setup may have caused mobility to get hardwired into men’s psyche. Mobility has eventually become men’s form of dominance over the immediate environment. When the car was invented, mobility was valued more. The same explanation applies to men’s love for horses before the invention of wheels.


Modern psychologists explain that cars have become men’s extension of their bodies. They use these “parts” to impress or intimidate others. Cars are perceived to validate a man’s persona since it offers benefits, such as mobility, which speaks a lot about freedom and prestige, which is enhanced by the car’s aesthetics.

Love for Puzzle

Men are known to exhibit an affinity for all things that require them to use their mechanical aptitude. This explains why they love their cars; they get to find refuge under the hood while screwing and unscrewing parts. Men also show abilities in spatial relations, which are useful in navigation. This explains why most men love to travel since they’re provided with added mobility.

From the first toy car he received on his first birthday to the secondhand car he inherited from his dad while in college, you can’t deny that a man’s passion for cars can be termed “irrevocable.” The relationship between the man and the machine may be hard to grasp, but that’s how love works, right? It’s always difficult to understand.