Why IT Certifications Matter in Your Career

Man recieved his IT certifications Technology is an ever-changing field. It’s an industry that constantly develops and shifts through time. Due to this, industry players must know how to improve their skills for new projects and developments. What’s the best way to do that? By getting a certification. Here’s why it matters:

Advance Fresh Graduates

“Experience is the best teacher,” as many people say. However, the best way to prepare for that experience is by brushing up your knowledge and skills. Certifications give an edge to fresh graduates with no experience in the field. It shows employers that you’re willing to take an extra step to advance your skills.

Expands Knowledge

A degree in technology isn’t enough to learn everything. As technology advances, it’s important to broaden your knowledge on topics you’ve only heard in school. By studying for certifications, such as CompTIA Cloud+ or Network+ N10-007, CertBlaster says that you expand your knowledge and prepare yourself for new projects.

Solidifies Salary

Want to improve your resume and ask for a higher salary? With a certification, companies are more likely to pay what you’re truly worth. It supports your degree and set of skills, making you eligible for a salary increase.

Boosts Your Career

If you have been working for a while and think that it’s time for a promotion, a certification is a proof that you’re ready to take on bigger tasks and responsibilities. It makes you eligible for that promotion you’ve always waited for.

Great for New Products

Technology constantly develops, and one of the best ways to learn about upgrades is by attending a seminar and getting a certification. This also allows you to gain new skills, which you weren’t able to obtain in school.

Reduces Company Expenses

According to a study published by CompTIA, “certifications allow organizations to reduce expenses, identify knowledge gaps, and improve productivity.” A certification gives you the edge that companies need.

No matter what your expertise in technology is, don’t hesitate on getting a certification. It’s something that you really need.