Why is cosmetic dentistry so popular?

Before and after comparison of teeth whitening procedureIf you haven’t had cosmetic dental treatment yourself, you are sure to know a few people who have. Cosmetic dentistry is rapidly increasing in popularity in the UK, fuelled in part by film stars, pop stars, and reality television personalities being such strong advocates of procedures – and showing the great results that can be achieved, often in a short time period.

Garden View Dental Care in Buckinghamshire has an extensive cosmetic dentistry menu and uses treatments on their own or in combination to make smile dreams come true. The dream element is an important thing to consider when thinking about cosmetic dental procedures; within the realms of reason, almost anything can be achieved.

One of the biggest requests made of cosmetic dentists is for discreet adult orthodontics. More people than ever before are beginning to realise the benefits that having a beautifully aligned smile can bring – both to their body image and confidence, and to their dental and general health and wellbeing. To meet this demand, a number of subtle tooth straightening appliances have been created.

The single most popular procedure in cosmetic dentistry, however, is teeth whitening treatment. Should you be interested in whitening your teeth, you must remember that you should always consult a cosmetic dentist. Beauticians who offer the treatment are actually practising illegal dentistry, and could serious damage your teeth and gums.

Professional teeth whitening can be carried out at home under a dentist’s supervision, or can be performed by the dentist in the practice whilst you sit back and relax. Home whitening takes approximately a fortnight, in-chair whitening about an hour. Therefore, whichever method you choose, it is one of the fastest ways to brighten your smile.

Other popular cosmetic treatments include porcelain veneers, which can be used to improve the appearance of permanently discoloured, chipped, or worn teeth. They can also be used to cover small gaps and alignment issues, as an alternative to orthodontics.

A gummy smile is a common complaint, which can often be painlessly rectified by using a laser to remove excess gum tissue, exposing more of the teeth beneath.