What to Do with Your Engagement Ring After Divorce

Engagement RingLet us face it. Some people are just not too lucky to have a happy and fruitful marriage no matter how grand or impressive their wedding event had been. If you are one of those who just went through a divorce and is in the process of healing, you might want to stop thinking about “what if” and start concentrating on “what is.”

Part of the healing process is letting go of the symbols of your commitment, including the precious engagement ring you proudly donned for quite a while. Should you sell it or have it redesigned?

Selling the Engagement Ring

Technically, once the ring is set on your finger, it’s yours. You have the freedom to do whatever you want to do with it.

Trading your engagement ring for cash is not at all wrong. A lot of people did it, even including their very own wedding rings on the sale, not just to let go of the memories attached to them but also for practical reasons. Some people find it hard to get by financially and selling the rings that symbolized what was once a commitment to stay together forever is a smart consideration to make ends meet.

There are several ways you can sell your commitment rings. You can pull out a newspaper ad or better yet, sell it to an online auction where you can potentially make more money.

Repurposing for a New Look

For those who do not need extra money and would want to keep the ring but not its memories, they run to experts who handle jewelry repair. Repurposing is an acceptable tradition of old among divorced individuals where old rings are given a different look through a redesign as required by the owner. In ancient times, engagement rings are repurposed and worn on the pinkie finger to let others know of your newly single status.