What Makes Italian Food So Special

Parmigiano ReggianoThere’s nothing in the world quite like Italian food, especially when it comes to popularity. Is there anything special about Italian food going on, or is it just the sauce?

Fortunately, there’s more meat to Italian cuisine than sauce. One word can describe the secret to this nation’s good food: quality. The quality of the ingredients, the quality of the process, even the presentations are spectacles. Many restaurants across the globe, such as The Royal, prefer an Italian menu to be centrepiece of their dining experience moving forward.

Organic Standards

All the food goes through the strictest safety rules wherein every station, utensil, and chef the ingredients come under are the cleanest things in any kitchen in the world. This is true for both food made in restaurants and homemade dishes. Recent studies have shown that only a seventh of a percent of Italian food contain residue made with chemicals.

That actually says a lot about the pride and standard of Italian restaurants. In a world where everything is mass produced, it’s hard to stay true to keeping everything chemical-free. This is where the mystery of Italian cuisine begins: how can the food boost its quantity without compromising its quality?

Cheese and Pasta

A prime example of this is the handmade cheese Parmigiano Reggiano. It takes an incredibly slow process that is full of attention and care to make this cheese, and yet they manage to ship it all over the world in huge batches every day. The same goes the handmade egg pasta; Italians rarely go to the shops to buy this item because they would much rather make it themselves.

The attitude of always making food as fresh as possible is refreshing in a time when consumerism has mostly devoured any kind of artisanship in preparing food. This is what makes Italian food so special.