What Is Really Going on With Your Eyes as You Age?

Man With Near-SightednessPresbyopia, which affects around 90 million Americans, is not a disease. It is a common problem with near vision also known as age-related long-sightedness. Refractive errors gradually develop as people age. As a result, it becomes more difficult to focus on objects at a short distance. The deteriorating vision is also due to the weakening of the muscles that assist the lens in focusing on near objects.

Everyone will get older, and since aging cannot be prevented, people aged 40-55 will have to deal with this problem. While there is nothing normal at failing at near-vision tasks, it is a natural part of the aging process.

What are the signs of age-related long-sightedness?

Do you have to hold a page of print at least two feet from your eyes to make sense of the words written there? It is natural for people who already have problems with vision to experience problems sewing and reading small print. People who work with computers also experience blurring after a time staring at the screen. For others who have normal vision, it can be very alarming to experience these difficulties all of a sudden.

An eye doctor must perform an examination first in order to make the diagnosis. With timely recognition of the problem, you can discuss treatment options with your doctor to prevent worsening problems with vision.

Preventing worsening of near vision problems

If you are exploring options for presbyopia treatment, Singapore-based clinics offer services from specialists on prescription glasses and contact lenses. These are the conservative options. Surgery may be the best treatment if the doctor thinks inducing monovision using conductive keratoplasty offers best results. Monovision can also be achieved using contact lenses.

As the American population gets older, more and more people are seeking expert help for blurring and near vision difficulties. The changes occur gradually in a span of many years and many people are unaware. If you suspect you may already have presbyopia, seek medical help immediately.