Understanding a Smile: What Makes it Great?

Bright SmileA smile is a beautiful and captivating gesture anyone can do. It is often taken as a positive gesture that may mean happiness or agreement. When you smile, you may appear more attractive than other people. Not everyone who smiles, however, may have a smile that can attract attention. What makes a smile great?

A Bright Smile

Several things, such as the state of your teeth and gums, may ruin your smile. Anything wrong with a tooth may affect the whole view. The current standard of beauty when it comes to teeth is their colour. A set of white teeth adds to the attractiveness of a smile. This is because whiteness may mean cleanliness and proper oral hygiene. Yellow teeth due to plaque or staining disrupt the beauty of an otherwise great smile.


A perfect smile must come from a symmetrical face. Symmetry is a quality most people look for when judging other people’s attractive qualities. The same goes for the mouth. You have a specific number of teeth, and they should be distributed evenly. The two front teeth should be in the centre of the face and the smile. A set of straight teeth with no misalignments may also add to the beauty of your smile. Any missing teeth may gravely affect your overall look.

Even if you have missing teeth, Aesthetic-smiles.co.uk says you may still bring back your complete set using dental appliances. A complete set is important if you want to have the great smile you always wanted.

A smile is a mysterious and attractive gesture humans use all the time. Learn how to get that great smile, and see how it can improve your life.