Truth about Missing Teeth: They Can Diminish Quality of Life

Missing ToothMany people think that missing or lost teeth primarily just cause aesthetic issues in people. However, this can actually lead to more serious problems than just a negative change in one’s appearance.

One of the major problems associated with untreated loss of tooth/teeth is the deterioration of the jawbone. Jawbone loss can lead to difficulties in performing daily, critical tasks such as eating and speaking. All in all, it can significantly diminish a person’s quality of life. Knowing what can cause loss or deterioration of the jawbone will help you prevent it or find the best solution to counter it.

Tooth extraction

The primary cause of lost or missing tooth/teeth is extraction. Aside from age, poor oral hygiene can cause problems, such as cavities, to develop, and when left untreated, may already require removal.

Although some people choose to just get accustomed to having a gap in their mouth, this does not mean you should. You should either have the gap closed or the tooth replaced, as this will provide the necessary support and stimulation for the jawbone. Failure to do so will cause the bone to break down since it no longer performs any action.

Gum problems

Gum diseases, also known as periodontal diseases, are infections that, when left untreated, can destroy the jawbone. Like with most other oral health problems, poor hygiene is the leading cause. You should undergo treatment for such issues right away, as bacteria can quickly eats away at the tissues. Allow the disease to progress and the bacteria can reach your jawbone and cause it to disintegrate.

Fortunately, you now have several treatment options to choose from to solve your missing tooth problems. One can approach a licenced Harley Street implantologist, for dental implants. An orthodontist may also help you bridge gaps between your teeth through specialised equipment like dentures or braces.