Tracking Fetal Development and What to Watch Out For

Pregnancy Monthly visits to the doctor are usually enough to assure most mothers that their pregnancy is going well. If you are particularly worried, however, or would like to know more about your baby’s development, you can check a pregnancy tracker.

What You Can Expect

Pregnancy trackers can help you better understand the stages of development of your baby, explains. This is usually more fascinating for new parents though you might still learn something even if it’s not your first time.

There are many ways in which trackers are presented. Some can be as simple as a countdown to the estimated due date. Some trackers can send e-mails detailing weekly changes in the fetus as well as things the mother might expect to feel. A few even send helpful links and information regarding maintaining health and comfort through the different stages of pregnancy.

How it Helps

It can be mind blowing to think that the human body can support and grow new life. If it’s your first time to have a baby, pregnancy trackers that give weekly updates can be particularly useful. Because pregnancies are highly individual, you may experience different things each time. Such differences may cause alarm if you aren’t aware that it can happen. You may also receive suggestions on how to alleviate some common issues like back pain or edema.

These trackers can also raise a red flag in case something goes wrong during gestation. Both back pain and edema can be viewed as normal. However, trackers also include articles, sometimes comments from other users, on how normal symptoms may point to something amiss.

It’s Not a Substitute

Though trackers can tell you both what is normal and what is not, these cannot substitute for your obstetrician. Trust your body enough to tell you if there is something wrong. Doctors will usually prefer an overly-cautious patient to an overconfident one. Especially in the case of mothers with special needs or delicate pregnancies, a professional opinion will always be best. It is, after all, for your and your baby’s health.