Toys That Can Help With Your Child’s Speech Development

Two kids sketchingSpeech problems are common among children, particularly infants and toddlers. Your child should start developing language and speech skills at an early age. Speech toys can help you achieve that goal.

As a parent, you might be wondering which type of toys to buy for your child to enhance his or her language and speech skills. This guide discusses some of the best options.

Toy Phone

These are by far among the most effective speech toys. A toy phone gets your child talking to the imaginary person on the other line. SpeechTails agrees that this helps in children’s language development.

Nesting/Stacking Toys

These tend to be the favorite among toddlers and infants. They help with language, cognitive, and speech development skills. Children learn various concepts, including in, out, on, under, beside, behind, in front, off, and between.

Buying nesting or stacking toys in various sizes and colors could also help your child develop speech and language skills faster. You may also imprint words on the toys to help your child learn how to speak, become familiar with those words, and be able to pronounce.

Wooden blocks

Kids should have a set of different colors, shapes, and sizes of wooden blocks. These toys must have letters, numbers, or words imprinted on them. This will help improve the speech of your child. It will be easier for you to correct your little one when he or she gets it wrong by showing or explaining the differences.

These toys are effective at supporting speech and language development in your child. However, it is important to note that for the speech toys to work, you must facilitate the learning process. You can achieve that through commenting and asking questions, extensions, expansions, repetition, parallel talk, self-talk, and descriptions.