To Rule Them All: 4 Classic Wedding Rings That Stand the Test of Time

wedding diamond  ringThere is only one thing more important in the world than a woman’s engagement ring: her wedding band, of course! That shiny circle of precious metal is the true time tested symbol of love and commitment.

Just as fashion, however, wedding band trends come and go. If you want a ring that you will love as much ten years from now as you do today, choose from these timeless wedding band styles:

Classic Gold Wedding Bands

White gold has been the leading wedding ring material for years now, but the classic gold wedding band has never gone out of style. This classic symbol of a wedding ring simply matches any style of engagement ring.

Since gold is extremely soft and malleable, it is easy to shape it for a comfortable fit, according to Robert H. Parker & Sons. There are rings with rounded edges, which is easy to wear for those who are not used to wearing jewellery.

Classic Beaded Wedding Bands

The classic beaded wedding band, also called granulated, sandwiches a metal band between small beaded edges. Whether wrought in white gold, yellow gold, or platinum, this style is enduring, much like the classic gold design.

This style does not only come in a choice of metal, but also the width.

Classic Tricolour Wedding Bands

It is a modern classic: three interlocking bands of white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. The tri-colour wedding band, also known as the rolling ring, is the best choice for couples who do not have an engagement ring.

This style is difficult to match with engagement rings, but its elaborate design is especially appealing.

Classic Diamond Eternity Wedding Band

The classic diamond eternity wedding band has a rich past. People gave it as a traditional gift that marks a wedding anniversary. Couples waited until such kind of extravagant ring was within their budget. This was previously an “upgrade” to replace simple gold wedding bands.

Today, the eternity ring is some brides’ first and only wedding band.
It is not enough to look for a ring with show-stopping style. Instead, look for one that will not be out of style in a few years—one that will be just as gorgeous-looking in a few decades as it is today.