Three Things You Can Do in Bath

Traveling in BathKnown for being the only city that offers a Roman-style bath in the UK, the picturesque Bath is the perfect place to take short breaks from the hustle and bustle of the urban life. With the rolling English countryside as the backdrop, this UNESCO World Heritage site will definitely take away your stress and leave you feeling more energised.

Relax like the Romans.

The Romans used to say that you have not had a proper bath until you’ve tried the Roman bath. A Roman bath is a luxurious spa treatment that has each bather take a series of baths in gradually increasing water temperatures. This city is the perfect place for this opulent bathing experience, according to Bailbrook Lodge.

Do some art appreciation.

Love the arts? Take a dive back into the 18th and 19th century by visiting the Holburne Museum. The museum is filled with an eclectic collection of art pieces and antique pieces that were collected by Sir William Holburne, a prominent figure in the city in the 1800s. Aside from the art pieces, the museum itself is also a bit of modern breath in the city because of its unique neo-classical design.

Take a walking tour.

Want to get to know the city better? Try taking a walking tour of the city. The city offers a free two-hour guided walking tour that starts in Abbey Church Yard and goes all around the city, providing tourists with a historical and more intimate look at Bath.

If you are a lover of literature, you might want to take your own Jane Austen walking tour. Austen is perhaps the most famous resident of the city and it would be a delightful experience to walk around the city from her perspective. There is a downloadable audio that you can listen to while you enjoy the sights in her footsteps.

Aside from these suggestions, there are much more that you can do in Bath. Why not come and discover them for yourself?