This is What Happens to Your Skin When Collagen Damage Takes Place

Skin Collagen DamageAs you may well be aware of, age is one of the leading causes of skin damages. Exposure to free radicals and sunlight, as well as eating too much junk, can all lead to skin issues, many of which are a result of the skin’s collagen being negatively affected.

You should know, though, that collagen is quite impressive as it has this quality that allows it to automatically be reproduced in the event that it becomes damaged. In other words, the body immediately begins to produce new collagen when the old supply is destroyed. But, there are a few other things you need to know about what happens when this takes place. Nutraceutical Ingredients shares some of them below:

1. Collagen Production is Slower than Normal

While the production of new collagen is inevitable, it does not mean that the body is going to produce it in a normal manner. Once your collagen has been damaged, and other existing factors, particularly aging, repeated exposure to sun, and presence of free radicals, are in place, you can expect your skin to have an impeded ability to generate new collagen.

2. More Noticeable Appearance of Common Skin Aging Signs

If your skin’s collagen has been damaged, and you do not do what you can right away, you can expect its production to be even slower. And since aging naturally slows down the process of generating collagen, skin aging symptoms, such as wrinkles, lines, creases, and sagging, are going to become even more apparent.

3. The Slower the Repair Process Is, the Faster the Skin Aging Signs Appear

If you do not come up with an effective skin regimen as soon as you can, more collagen is going to be lost, and the slower the production process becomes. This is then going to lead to skin aging signs to appear faster and become more noticeable.

Don’t allow these things to ruin your skin permanently. Consider using top quality products such as collagen skin supplements and retinol creams to avoid these problems from becoming even more serious.