The Vanishing Physician: How One Man Dealt With Health Care Provider Abandonment

Health Care ProviderA person can consider health care providers as most trustworthy strangers. They have to. People seek doctors and dentists for the purpose of having a professional treat their condition now, but deep down it is the goal of every single patient to find a health care provider they can trust, whom they can return to for the indefinite future. Assuming, however, that said doctor or dentist does not up and leave without notice.

Doctor/Dentist Departures

This is exactly what happened to Jon Methven. Relaying his ordeal involving an abrupt, mandatory switch of physicians, Jon shares a story of surprise blended with a tinge of disappointment. ‘This was a man who had peered into my nose and mouth, performed prostate examinations and talked me through afflictions. He knew I was married, had children, and what I did for a living’, Jon writes, describing the doctor he has approached for the past twelve years.

Dentists from MiSmile mention how vanishing health care providers are far from being rarities. They say that dentistry and medicine, much like every other profession, have that tendency of prompting an individual to pack their things and leave, regardless of whatever loose ends remain. They cite issues such as malpractice, personal issues and financial troubles as common causes of sudden departures, which make the selection of responsible healthcare providers all the more important.

A While Longer

At least Jon received some sort of notice. After weeks of attempting to reach his physician, Dr. J finally picked up, referring to himself in the third person and just asking Jon to fetch his medical records at the closed practice. Jon arrived the following day, and the doctor handed him his documents. ‘He didn’t even tell my health insurance provider that he had shut his doors’, Jon says.

In hindsight, Jon says that he should have seen the departure coming. ‘There were signs I did not have the best practitioner’, he notes. ‘The nurses were fresh out of school, using my veins for target practice as they stabbed for blood. I was often prescribed serious medications for mild ailments. I was once left in an examination room for over an hour.’

Jon was able to find a new healthcare provider, but it still weighed on him that his trusted physician would just leave so suddenly. At least his new doctor promises not leave this time.