The Tooth Fairy Habit: Fun Ways to Brush Teeth

Tooth BrushingTooth brushing is probably one of the most boring tasks you can teach your kids. The young ones may dispose of anything that doesn’t seem interesting. Telling them about consequences is one way, but incorporating fun into the activity will help in integrating it into their daily habits. According to, creating a positive situation will form lifelong oral hygiene behaviors.

Use Play Time

The only thing that interests kids is play time, so why not use that to your advantage? shares that playing is how children learn. Let them brush your teeth for a change, and make them see how fun the activity is.

You can also let them practice on a stuffed animal or a doll, like the Baby Alive Brushy Brushy doll that comes with a pretend toothpaste and electric toothbrush.

Use Props

Head to the kitchen, grab a hardboiled egg, and ask your child why eggs have shells. Discuss how the egg shell is like real teeth protecting the rest of the egg. After, pour vinegar in a jar and put the egg shell in it. Ask your child what will happen to the egg, and make them wait for two days.

Let them observe the soft and partially broken shell, then explain how this will happen if they don’t take care of their teeth.

Use Storytelling

Kids love your bedtime stories. Come up with a tale about imaginary sugar bugs destroying their teeth. Tell them the only defense from bad monsters is using toothpaste and toothbrush as weapons. Make it even more interesting by roleplaying. Tie a cape on your child so they will feel like a real superhero.

Teaching your kids the proper way of tooth brushing doesn’t have to be boring. Use your imagination and come up with more ways until the habit sticks.