The Things You Need to Setup Your Barber Shop

Barber School in Utah Barbershops are among the most resilient businesses that thrive in the U.S., surviving even the Great Depression and many other economic disasters. In fact, some owe the realization of their American Dream to this simple and unassuming business. This does not mean though that establishing a barbershop puts you on a roadmap to success, though. The competition is tough, and you need to be ready to face them. For starters, you have to know what you need to setup your barbershop.

Plan Ahead

Like any business concept, you need to draw up a good business plan that outlines what you want to happen. Set your goals and timelines, including how you intend to reach those goals or meet your self-imposed timelines. Research on what you need and determine the amount needed to set up your barbershop. To secure a license, you can enroll in a barber school in Utah to equip yourself with the right industry knowledge and the requirements for the state.


Scout for a good location to set up your barbershop. While there are businesses that can thrive well regardless of its location, it’s not the same for a barbershop. You need to set it up in an area where many people gather or pass by.


Make a list of all the equipment and tools your barbershop needs. You may either buy it brand new or you can check online if there are second-hand barbershop equipment. You would need styling chairs, booster seats for children, chairs for waiting area, and much more. You also need to buy dryers, hood dryers, cabinets, receptacles, receiving desks, scissors, hair clippers, and other tools that a barber needs.

Barbers and Staff

Some businesses can thrive even if it only has one or two employees. It’s an entirely different story with a barbershop. While it’s all right to also work in your business as a barber, you still need to hire additional barbers. This is to ensure that the waiting time of customers will be shorter.

If done right, a barbershop business can provide you with a steady source of income for a long time. In fact, it could even be your path to achieving your American Dream. The best thing about this is that people need a haircut all the time. When you can serve their needs in a satisfactory manner, you are assured with a solid stream of regulars who will flock to your shop monthly.