The Sweetest Proposal Ideas That Work

Young man presenting engagement ring to his girlfriendThere are several ways to ask the love of your life to marry you. These can be unique, heartfelt, grand, extravagant, expensive, or completely free. Your creativity can go a long way to making your girl say yes. One thing is for sure: women want romantic wedding proposals.

As soon as you’ve chosen the perfect engagement ring from suppliers like, refer to the following ideas to increase the chances of her saying yes:

Puppy or Kitten Proposals

What better way to inspire her into saying “Yes!” than giving her a box of kittens or puppies? Men have been surprising their partner with new pets or presenting their own pets to help them propose. It’s no wonder this became one of the most effective methods for wedding proposals. Imagine your future wife cuddling with a dog or a cat and find a “Will you marry me?” message or an engagement ring attached to the collar. Sounds perfect, right?

View-Master Proposal

This type of proposal has an 80s ring to it for those who love a little throwback to the good old days. The classic View-Master has slowly made a comeback, especially with the spread of VR nowadays. To incorporate your proposal, you can show her a personalized slide with all of your cherished memories together.

At the end of the slide, you can surprise her with your sweet proposal. The key here is to prepare because you need to ensure that you don’t ruin the grand finale when it suddenly pops up instead of the first slide.

Photo Booth

Surprise your partner by taking her to a photo booth at a carnival or in a park as a sort of spontaneous fun. She will surely be astonished when she sees you kneeling down in between your candid shots. Besides, you will get a photographic memory of her reaction the moment you pop the question.

The way you pop the question depends on your personality and hers. Remember all the memories you’ve shared and get inspiration from there. It doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money or involve a grand gesture. You just have to be genuine about your love for her and you’ll surely hear the wedding bells ring.