The Right Haircut That Fits Your Face Shape

right haircut Do you think Miranda Kerr looks hot on her new hairstyle? Do you want to imitate her hair for a change?

Before you visit the salon, look at your face. Even a well-done haircut can look disastrous if it does not match its shape. On the contrary, if your haircut complements the shape of your face, it will bring out your best features and unique angles.

Consult a professional if you want to know what fits you best. Popular hairdressing studio Circles of Subiaco notes that hairstylists can determine what suits your face shape. They believe that a good haircut is framing a person’s face to balance and bring perspective to its overall shape.

Here’s your guide to choosing the right haircut:

Round Face

Women who have round faces want to cover up the roundness rather than emphasise it. To create this illusion, choose between long hair and gentle waves.

  • Long hair is a great option because it lengthens the face.
  • Gentle waves deflect the roundness of the face.

Oval Face

Consider yourself lucky if you have a round face because this is the most versatile shape. You can have any hairstyle, but if you want to highlight your features, you can get bangs or layers.

  • Regular bangs create a modern yet toned-down look. Try something edgier to show off your wild personality.
  • Hair professionals say that you should stick with shoulder length hair, or use different layers. Longer hair can bring out the worst in you.

Square Face

If you have a square face shape, congratulate yourself. Like an oval shape, you can have any hairstyle that you want. This shape looks best with long straight hair or eye-skimming bangs.

  • A long-layered hairstyle emphasises your facial features and makes you look more appealing in photos.
  • Eye-skimming bangs add volume and create a round appearance. Avoid bangs that are too blunt because they highlight square jaws.

Heart Face

Heart shaped faces are wider at the forehead and pointy at the chin. The perfect example would be Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon. If you notice, she keeps her side swept bangs and long bob or loose waves.

  • Side-swept bangs can help draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones and deflect attention from your chin.
  • If you think your jaw is your asset, a loose wave is a great haircut. This draws attention to your jaw without looking harsh.

Choosing the right hairstyle complements you from all angles. So the next time you decide to get a haircut, imagine if it will bring the best or worst out of you.