The Real Essence of #Fam #Blessed Minus the Phones

Family bonding in a kiddie ride
Instagram and other social sites are littered with photos of users and their families with the hashtags #fam, #familytime, and the occasional #blessed. These photos show a happy portrait of all smiles around the dinner table, at an amusement park, or at the beach. Nothing like a fun time with the family, they say.

In some cases, however, the fun just stays within the confines of that photo. Once they take the picture, it’s back to the reality of more hours on the phone, less hours of talking.

The New Age of Bonding

It’s no secret that mobile phones and gadgets are huge assets today. Society sees the population staring down at their phones, whenever and wherever. Be it at a café or New Jersey amusement parks, almost everyone is typing, taking selfies, or browsing — even the regular American family.

In general, there’s nothing wrong with phones or social media. Through these platforms, it’s easier to reach out to family members no matter their location. Siblings can comfort each other by sending an emoji or two, and parents can watch over their children through live feeds. But when it takes over quality family time, that’s when it becomes harmful.

Really Spend Time

Family is the most basic unit of society. Instead of just showing happiness through an Instagram post, it’s better to put the phone down and really start talking (or bonding).

Mobile phones take away your attention. When you spend time with the kids, your siblings, or your parents, it’s okay to post a status or photo. But don’t let it dominate the entire day. Really spend time with them by living the moment and talking face to face.

Phones are good for capturing moments, but it shouldn’t capture every moment of the day. During a lunch out with the family, the only words uttered shouldn’t just be grace or a word of “thanks.” Bring back the days of lively chatter, swapping of stories, and laughter. After all, talking strengthens the bond between members of the family.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with using mobile phones, but if you really want to have a good time with the family, best to shove it in your pocket and enjoy the moment — as it happens.