The Other ‘Great Wall of China’

Nanjing_Ming_wallChina is globally known because the expansive Great Wall, but not much is heard about the Ming City Wall, which spans up to 25 kilometers. That’s set to change, though, as the local government is planning to make the entire stonewall accessible to tourists this August—only 3 kilometers are open to the public.

UNESCO and the Olympics

The transformation of this ancient wall as a 21st century tourist attraction is in line with the upcoming 2nd Youth Olympic Games to be held in Nanjing on the 16th to the 24th of this month. Also, this plays a role in the government’s efforts to become a UNESCO World Heritage site next year.

The End Then, The Beginning Today

According to Sun Xiaowei, president of an urban hiking community based in Nanjing, the Ming City Wall used to mark the end of the city.”But now it’s the starting point of Nanjing’s culture. It’s the most direct reminder of Nanjing’s eventful history,” he said.

The site is dubbed as one of the most underrated attractions in China. As it would finally open its door for the world to see, the reintroduction hopefully puts this forgotten Chinese treasure on the tourism map where it rightfully belongs.