The First 48 Hours and Beyond: Alcohol Detoxification

Alcohol DetoxificationMuch like an addiction treatment, detoxification is significantly individualized and the severity of your alcohol withdrawal symptoms considerably depends on the gravity or your alcohol addiction. Although there’s no standard detox duration, you can generally expect the following symptoms and timeframe for alcohol treatment for women.

The First Few Hours of Alcohol Detoxification

Expect cravings, physical sickness, and extreme changes in blood pressure and mood during the first few hours of alcohol detox. Tremors are likewise very common regardless of the severity of your alcohol dependency. If your addiction very serious, your withdrawal symptoms may potentially persist and worsen in the next few days.

The First 48 Hours of Alcohol Detoxification

Note that the withdrawal symptoms you’ll feel during these 48 hours may be life threatening since your brain will start to notice that alcohol is leaving your system. Aside from the initial symptoms mentioned, you may also experience extreme hallucinations, as well as seizures in these first two days and may persist for a few more days. In most instances, the alcohol detoxification process doesn’t end in two days.

Delirium Tremens and the Coming Days

The entire alcohol detoxification process will continue for several days long after you experience the initial withdrawal symptoms. You can likewise expect your symptoms worsen. You may also experience increased and more severe seizures and hallucinations. After two days have passed, a medical team will observe you more closely since your risk of heart attack, intense confusion, and even stroke increase. This severe form of alcohol withdrawal is referred to as DTs or Delirium Tremens and can go on up to five days. You may need to take some medication during this stage to reduce your risk of potential detox side effects.

Undoubtedly, what you’ve read will either make you run for the hills or do the right thing and kick your alcohol addiction to the curb. It’s necessary that you’re aware of the process so you can prepare yourself before checking into a facility for alcohol treatment for women.

Know that most of your withdrawal symptoms go away in five days, while some may persist for one week or more. With the potentially dangerous health risks that come with the alcohol detoxification process, it’s important that you choose a reputable facility that meets all your requirements.