The Cost of Childcare Services in Australia

toddler girl and boy playing with learning toys on a tableChildcare service providers in Australia charge different rates for their services, although minimum daily rates or per-hour fees are the most common.

If you plan to open your own business, you can consult a childcare management company like Early Learning Management to find out how you can come up with reasonable prices. Aside from business cost consultancy, aspiring business owners can determine the best type of services that align with their goals.

Fees and Rates

Think about the cost of providing services now that Child Care Subsidy has been recently enacted in July. Eligible families will only pay a smaller amount for different services. For instance, a family daycare used to charge between $7.50 and $16.80 per hour before the new subsidy took effect.

In-home care ranged between $20 and $25 per hour, while au pair services used to entail up to $300 of pocket money every week plus an agency’s fee. The cost of babysitting and extended daycare at a centre amounted to at least $15 per hour and $70 per day, respectively. Take note that your location will be a factor whether or not you could charge higher rates.

Best Business Ideas

Childcare services are among the best business ideas that only require a small capital since there will always be parents who need someone to look after their children. If you’re still considering other options, a tutorial centre for children is another option.

Still, the demand for childcare remains strong. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than 1.8 million kids went to a care provider in 2017. Extended daycare and leaving children to grandparents were the most popular.

Those who want to be involved in the business of childcare should be well-informed about the costs and challenges of providing services. Many management companies are willing to assist clients, especially during the initial stages.