The Basics of Botox as a Technique for Wrinkle Reduction

Cosmetic Procedure in Salt Lake CityDid you know that Botox is the most common minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure in the United States? In fact, statistics show that approximately 7 million Americans underwent botox in 2015. This number has been consistently rising by 20% over the past five years. 

Salt Lake City experts discuss Botox as treatment for wrinkles below.

What is Botox?

Botox stands for Botulinum toxin A, which is a compound that temporarily inhibits muscle movement. This compound is diluted to reach sufficient concentrations to prevent muscle contraction stimulation. It specifically acts on the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is the predominant chemical that activates tissue function. Hence, it minimizes movement of facial muscles, which leads to a more relaxed look.

Medical Benefits of Botox

The advantages of Botox injection are not limited to cosmetic enhancement. Nowadays, several individuals undergo this procedure for long-term treatment of migraine and arthritis. Botox works on migraine headache and arthritis since this compound blocks the sensory signals that send pain messages to the brain. As a result, pain stimuli are not transmitted and processed by the brain centers that control pain.

How Often Should I Undergo Botox Injection?

A single session can prevent the formation of wrinkles for four to six months. Thus, cosmetic surgeons recommend Botox every six months to ensure that wrinkles and creases would reappear less. Over time, you will notice that the relaxing effect will gradually last longer with every injection.

At What Age Should I Undergo Botox Injection?

Statistics show that 85% of patients who undergo Botox are aged 50 and above because this is when wrinkle formation begins. However, there is no prescribed age to undergo this procedure. In fact, Botox can prevent early wrinkle formation because it reduces muscle movement that triggers the development of deep facial lines.

The Bottom Line

Botox is a modern technique that provides long-term management of facial lines and wrinkles. Thus, it is important to find a cosmetic surgeon who can perform Botox to give you a fresher and younger look.