The Bachelor… Pad: Where to Find It

Bachelor's PadYou’re a single guy living in the Metro. It’s a busy lifestyle and you’re a busy guy. Commuting back and forth from the office to your house doesn’t fit your schedule anymore. So, what do you do?

Get a bachelor pad.

Bachelor pads are iconic representations of single men. It’s your personal spot nestled within the city. Apart from being close to work, it also serves as a quick getaway from the deadlines, angry bosses, and unnecessary office drama.

There are plenty of good choices available. Just browsing through sites such as gives you plenty of good picks. But how do you find the right one?

One Income is Enough

When searching for a potential bachelor pad, bring your income to the table. Before you ask real estate agents how much the unit costs, ask yourself how much you can afford.

Budget should be a top priority. A new home, apartment, or condominium doesn’t require just a one-time, big-time payment; there are others to follow. Think about the bills and association fees; can your current salary handle them all? Look for a place that fits within your budget range and ensures you won’t go broke by the end of the year.

Safety and Security First

Being the single owner of a home or unit doesn’t allow for someone to be home most of the time. Before you say “Yes!” to a space, consider safety and security issues. Some areas of the city might be safe, but taking chances is risky.

If you’re the type who spends the weekends off with family, look for a low-crime neighborhood and a unit that feels safe.

Being a single guy in the city paves the way for numerous opportunities; one of them is to live on your own. Make the most of your single days by finding the ultimate bachelor pad to play games, cuddle with your girlfriend, or just rest after a hard day’s work.