The 10 Best Bars and Restaurants Near the Singapore Coast

A view of Sentosa during the day When looking for breath-taking views of the Singaporean coast, you can never go wrong with Sentosa. In fact, it is Singapore’s resident beach getaway, according to The Strait Times.

The small island is also a major entertainment hub, from school holiday activities for kids to wild nights out for adults. If you are looking for a simple night of drinking and dining by the coast, though, here are 10 bars and restaurants that you have to try out.

1. Bar Nebula

If you’re in the mood for single malt whiskies and imported beers, Bar Nebula has an extensive selection of both. Enjoy the elegant ambience against the panoramic view of the water.

2. Boaters’ Bar

You can chill as close to the marina as possible at this floating bar. It is also a breathtaking setting for alfresco parties. Make sure not to miss it!

3. Brewerkz

This American-styled restaurant is situated on the Sentosa Boardwalk. If you want generous portions of pizza, buffalo wings and nachos, this is the place for you.

4. Coastes

Located on Sentosa’s Siloso Beach, Coastes is a beach bar that offers an idyllic island getaway experience. Sip your ice-cold beer while you relax on one of the deck chairs that are right on the water’s edge.

5. FOC Sentosa

Located by the Tanjong Beach, FOC Sentosa is a laid-back beach bar and restaurant. With its Barcelona beach vibe, FOC Sentosa is the perfect place for guests to unwind after a hectic day.

6. ilLido at the Cliff

In the mood for Italian fare? IlLido at the Cliff offers nothing but the finest Italian cuisine and a breathtaking view of the South China Sea.

7. Mambo Beach Club

Transporting you to the 50s beach bars in Miami, Cuba and the Caribbean, Mambo Beach Club is the perfect destination for an upscale oceanfront experience.

8. Mykonos on the Bay

Mykonos on the Bay offers traditional Greek food that the country is famous for. Look forward to sampling their large selection of hot and cold appetisers!

9. Eco Alfresco Café

Can’t decide on what to eat? You don’t have to choose between local and western cuisines because Eco Alfresco Café offers both. With the beach front only a few steps away from the gate, it is a fitting outdoor experience for diners.

10. Gin Khao Bistro

For an exciting Thai meal, indulge in Gin Khao Bistro’s menu. It adapts Thai cooking traditions to fit today’s new dining arena.

There are two things that Sentosa does the best: good food and breath-taking beaches. You can get both at these ten places.