Teeth Brushing: Can It Whiten Your Smile?

Woman Brushing Her TeethWhen it comes to cleaning your teeth, nothing beats regular brushing and flossing. Apart from removing plaque and leftover food particles, they can also freshen your breath and reduce the risk of dental health problems. Daily brushing and flossing, furthermore, can also keep your choppers strong, healthy, and white.

While these two habits do wonder for your smile, you cannot solely rely on them to whiten a dull smile. Rigorous brushing, for instance, cannot change the color of your smile, and it can do more harm than good. VanDenburgh Dental, cosmetic dentists in Napa, note that using too much force can contribute to rapid wear of enamel, revealing the dentin (the layer underneath it), which is yellow in color.

Promises and Results

Many rely on whitening toothpaste to brighten a yellow smile, especially products that promise to deliver results after several uses. While some can improve tooth appearance, they cannot change the color of your teeth. They are more effective at removing surface stains using chemical and polishing agents. You cannot solely use them to whiten noticeably yellow choppers.

Stains Below the Tooth Surface

You can only expect marginal results with whitening toothpaste. This is because most types of tooth discoloration occur underneath the tooth surface. Such products, furthermore, only contain mild abrasives that do not affect the stains below the surface on the teeth. It is also not advisable to try different kinds of toothpaste all at once, as this can contribute to increased tooth sensitivity.

Dentist-Supervised Procedure

The whitening procedure that can give you the best result is from your dentist. Professionally supervised whitening can change the color of your teeth and brighten noticeably yellow teeth. Dentists use bleaching products with laser or create a custom tray for whitening at home. In-office whitening can be completed in an hour, while at-home whitening can take two to four weeks.

Whitening toothpaste can prevent further stains, but don’t expect to see dramatic results. It is also best to consult your dentist before trying any bleaching product. A thorough examination is necessary to determine which whitening treatment is appropriate for your situation.