Swimming Lessons Aren’t Just for Competitive Swimmers

Swim School in IllinoisNot a lot of parents have any reservations about letting their kids play on the beach or sending them into the pool. So, why fuss about swimming lessons? Even if your child isn’t interested in competitive swimming, allowing them to get professional training offers a variety of benefits. Here are some that might convince you:

It’s Essential to Their Safety

Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children under five. This makes it absolutely crucial to make sure your kids know how to swim at a young age, especially if you have a kiddie pool or a bathtub in your house.

It also helps that your child feels comfortable and confident around water. Lessons help children discover this sense of confidence and joy, shares a swim school in Illinois, minimizing the risk of anxiety and panic that can lead to drowning.

Swimming is a Low-Impact Sport

If you want your child to have an effective aerobic and total body-strengthening exercise, then swimming is the answer you’re looking for. It’s low impact, which means it’s easy on the body and overall an excellent workout for the fit and the unfit.

Your Kid Learns the Proper Strokes

Swimming lessons teach your child to swim quickly, safely, and correctly. No more doggie paddles – it’s time they learn to use the right muscles and breathing techniques to perform the sport effectively. Between basic backstroke and more advanced strokes, these techniques will no doubt come in handy in later life.

It Sets the Right Foundation

Swimming is like math: it’s imperative to learn basic arithmetic before you can proceed with complicated computations. In the same vein, your child needs to learn the proper breath control before they can move on to doing butterflies and breaststrokes. Formal swimming lessons establish these basic building blocks to give your child the proper footing to move on to another skill level.

From safety to proper technique, the benefits of swimming lessons make it a worthwhile investment. And who knows? In between sessions, you may just discover that you have a Michael Phelps in the making.