Surgery Isn’t Your Only Choice for Knee Problems

Knee Pain In An Elderly PersonKnee problems are a common consequence of old age. As one of the most active parts of the body, it’s understandable that the inner mechanisms of the knee will suffer more wear and tear, and will be quicker to age than other limbs and motor functions. It’s not just a problem that affects senior citizens, either; any active person who engages in sports that are tough on the knees, or an overweight individual who continues to put on the pounds, or someone, perhaps, who doesn’t warm up before working out are all susceptible to faster knee degradation.

Most people look to arthroscopic treatments, or knee surgery, to solve the problem. People believe that it’s the orthopedically sound option. You hear it all the time in sports, and if it works for athletes, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work for regular people – right?

For seniors, however, it’s important to know that you have another choice – one that promises marked results. This option is stem cell injections for knee pain, remarks Regeneris Medical. It’s a growing field, and it’s way less invasive than a conventional surgery. The only invasive aspect is the prick of a needle, really.

Choosing an Easier Road

Senior citizens are tough, and despite their age, most of them are even able to fully recover from traumatic brain injuries. This shows that the mind is able – but, in some cases, the body may be less willing. You’ll be putting your body under a lot of stress, and that’s something to consider.

Stem cell therapy for the knees is not yet a cure-all solution; but, it gives a choice to those who just won’t or can’t consider going under the knife. There’s too much at risk for senior citizens, prominently their ability to recover. To assuage your doubts, the FDA has regulations when it comes to the procedure, and the growth of this particular field of medicine is visible and ongoing.

On Your Body Healing Itself and Medical Interventions

Your body is very much capable of healing itself, and the process often does not even have to involve drugs and surgery. Of course, the outcome varies, from person to person, and is dependent on many factors such as outlook, lifestyle, diet, and the like. The body’s capacity to heal itself is evident in medical and traumatic recovery.

With the right guidance, it’s possible to employ the same technique in knee problems. Stormal vascular fraction and platelet rich plasma are two ways to do it, as well as vegan diets and non-opioid pain medications.

The growing minimally invasive to a non-invasive segment of the medical industry is one to watch out for. It’s not the complete article just yet, but it offers a convenient alternative to people for whom surgery may not be a viable option.