Straighter Teeth Last Longer

Woman Holding Dental and Invisible BracesThe thing with mouths in the western world is that, because of our diets, our teeth very often fail to come through and line up properly. And that can create all sorts of problems. It can mean that our teeth can’t do their job properly and don’t last as long, and they are meant to last for life. That’s why more and more adults are choosing to get braces in St John’s Wood.

Adults don’t necessarily want their teeth straightening treatment to be the centre of attention, and so when they are looking for braces in St John’s Wood, discretion is often key. Fortunately, dentists, such as Aura Dental, are able to offer braces systems that are very discreet, and some that are as good as invisible.


The benefit is in the name: Invisalign. These are not braces in the traditional bracket and wire sense. Instead, they look like very thin transparent rigid plastic mouth guards, like the ones people wear at night to stop them grinding their teeth. Whereas traditional braces pull the teeth into position through the wires being periodically tightened through brackets cemented to the teeth at specific angles, Invisalign aligners rely on pressure created by the plastic in carefully planned spots within the aligners.

The patient moves through wearing a series of aligners, each one incrementally different in its pressure spots than the last. Depending on which version of Invisalign chosen, each aligner takes from one to two weeks to do its work.

The aligners are so thin, 0.3mm, that once they are snapped on over the teeth, it is pretty much impossible to see them. Plus, their smooth plastic design doesn’t create sore spots inside the mouth.

Another great plus is that these braces in St John’s Wood are removed for eating and drinking anything but plain water. This allows the patient to eat whatever they want but also cuts down on mindless snacking in the daytime, a boon to anyone in an office where there seems to be an excuse for celebratory cakes every day.

Invisalign is great for mild to moderate misalignment issues and treatment takes, on average, a year to complete.