Start Early: Taking Care of Your Little One’s Choppers

DentistOne of the best ways to keep your child’s teeth healthy is to maintain a regular appointment with your dentist. The first visit, according to the American Dental Association, should be by your child’s first birthday. This is the time when the dentist will perform a modified exam and give recommendations on proper brushing and flossing techniques.

Dental visits identify potential problems and help your kids be comfortable during dental examinations and less scared about visiting as they get older. It is also advisable to take your child to a dentist who specializes in handling issues related to children’s dental health.

Orthodontics for Children

Your child’s dentist may recommend an orthodontic treatment if the bite and straightness of the teeth becomes an issue. Advancements in dentistry mean that younger kids can have efficient corrective appliances or plastic-based braces, and avoid metal wires and brackets. and other dentists note that manipulation of teeth at a younger age is more effective in the long run.

Preventing Cavities

Kids are more prone to cavities when food left on their teeth is not brushed away. It is important to teach kids good oral habits, which includes brushing twice a day and flossing regularly. It is also best to avoid or limit certain foods, such as sugary treats, sticky and sour candies, and soda. If your kids eat some of these foods, be sure to rinse their mouth with water right after eating.

Avoiding Extensive Work

To avoid complicated dental procedures, be sure to plan on routine dental check-ups once every three months — or according to the dentist’s recommendations. Encourage your kids to use a mouthguard when playing sports or any physical activity to prevent serious dental injuries.

Help your child maintain good oral health by keeping all these advice in mind. If you don’t know how much dental care they need or the best way to prevent dental cavities, consult your dentist. Good dental care begins by knowing what and what not to do.