Spotting the Signs of Possible Secret Substance Addiction

Signs of Addiction in Salt Lake CityTelevision and cinema have spoken a lot and often about drug addiction. They will show the glamorous and Hollywood style depiction. However, there are real signs that addicts do show and here are some of them.

Seclusion and Dissociation– It’s normal for people to want to have time alone or be naturally introverted, choosing to be with only a select number of trusted friends or certain family members. However, addiction makes a person suspicious of others. They grow paranoid that people know their secret and they feel judged, whether or not it’s the case.

Money Problems– You can’t yield to addiction without paying for it, literally and figuratively. This happens in a variety of ways, such as borrowing money, using up savings, and even on very bad cases, stealing from housemates. “I’ll do whatever it takes to get it!” isn’t an understatement for them when the dependency strikes.

Mood Swings– When a drug addict is taken over by the urge, they not only suffer from the effects during the high. As their body builds up a resistance to whatever substance they’re abusing, they will also be very emotional, switching from a once introverted or calm demeanor to something more open and aggressive, or conversely, a cheerful personality becoming sullen and hostile.

Self Harm– Whether they intend it or not, an addict show signs of physical self-harm, especially when it comes to drug dependence. Their overall health degenerates and they have no idea it’s happening. Sometimes, they don’t even care. When this happens, consider contacting a substance abuse treatment center in Salt Lake City as soon as possible.

These are certainly not the only signs that can occur when a friend or loved one becomes addicted to drugs. In fact, there’s never truly the right way of finding out unless you’ve seen it with your own eyes. Nevertheless, there will be telltale signs worth noting, and you must take a firm action when the truth becomes apparent.