Sports Injuries You Should Watch Out For

Sports InjuryWhen you engage in sports, you are opening yourself up to a series of injuries. After all, it comes with the territory. It is, therefore, best to familiarize yourself with the most common sports injuries.

Winning a medal in any sports activity may be one of the most exhilarating feelings ever. While the thrill and the excitement associated with the competitive world of sports can make one feel like flying in the clouds, it cannot be denied that there is always a possibility of an injury. There are some minor injuries, and there are also those that would need your utmost attention.


One of the most common sport-related injuries is a sprain. Almost every athlete has, at one point in their career, experienced a sprain. This occurs when the ligament is either torn or overstretched. While a sprain can be considered a minor injury, it can become severe when the ligament is completely torn. Whether minor or severe, it is highly advisable for you to see a physician when you suffer from a sprain.

Knee Injuries

Engaging in sports also leads to a host of knee injuries. Web MD stated that these injuries usually result from sudden movements such as abnormal twisting or bending. Direct blows to the knee could also lead to an injury. Symptoms of a knee injury include swelling or bruising, and obviously, pain. Immediately seeking the help of a physician is a must.

Head Injuries

Apart from sprains, sports can also result to head injuries. Contact sports, like football and taekwondo, may result in teeth and jaw pain, which you should not neglect. In some cases, The Jaw Health Resource explains that pain in teeth and jaw is a symptom of a temporomandibular joint disease (TJD), one that should not be neglected in any case. Other head injuries that require attention are those that result from the head hitting a hard surface such as the floor, wall, table or other similar surfaces.


This is probably one of the most dreaded sports injuries as this denotes a break in the bone. This takes time to heal especially if it is a compound fracture, where the bone pierces through the skin. Basketball, American football, and hockey are among the sports where a fracture is most common.


While a dislocation may not be as dangerous as a fracture, it is still something that you need to take care of. Those engaged in sports that require stretching are among those who are prone to dislocations. Players who fall are also at risk of suffering from dislocations.

When you suffer from any of these injuries, don’t hesitate to refer your condition to a physician. Whether you are suffering from minor injuries like a dislocated hip or a sprain, or you are suffering from severe ones such as a head injury, a fracture or a knee injury, make sure you see your physician immediately. Do not ever delay.