Some Interesting Facts about Dental Care

Dental CareMost people dread going to the dentist, and this is not just children. Studies show that nearly half of all adults in the UK have some degree of dental phobia. Twelve percent have it so bad they need sedation every time they visit their dental clinic, and more of them are women. In fact, more people (22%) are afraid of dentists than heights (19%). 

Read on for more interesting facts about dental health in the UK.

Dental Care

You might be surprised to know that 25% of all adults in the UK (33% of which are men) do not brush their teeth twice daily, and about 10% fail to brush regularly. Less than 25% floss regularly and 22% never use it at all, and 59% do not use mouthwash. Adults that only brush once a day have a higher risk (33%) of getting tooth decay compared to those that brush twice a day. This could account for the £5.8 billion the UK government spends on dental care.

On a positive note, dental health in the UK has improved significantly since 1978. More adults in England (17%) and Wales (30%) visit their dentists regularly. Of these, about half go every six months, while 21% go once a year. On the other hand, 25% of all UK adults only visit their dentist when they absolutely have to, and 2% never visit a dental clinic at all, reports Kingston's Jiva Dental.

Dental Health

Back in 1978, a full 37% of adults in the UK had no natural teeth left. Currently, that figure has gone down to 6%. This is good news, although each adult has about seven filling son average, and 80% of the total population has a minimum of one filling. Almost a third (31%) of UK adults has tooth decay and one-third of all children. Forty-eight percent of all people are unhappy with their teeth, nearly two-thirds (64%) of which hate their discoloured teeth.

These are interesting but sobering facts about dental health in the UK. Studies show that preventative dental care is the best way to avoid problems.