Ski Holiday Essentials for the Fashion Girl

Ski Holiday EssentialsGoing on a ski trip? Are you worried about what to wear, so you do not look like a shapeless blob in all your photos with your friends?

It is easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer number of possible outfit choices out there. What is more, you may be making horrid style mistakes. We would not want that now, would we?

Here are some hacks that will help you on your trip:

1. Double-duty layers

Make sure you pack jumpers and other tops that can do well as layers when you are out on the powder and double as night-time dinner and drinks outfits. This way, you do not have to pack two tops for one day. You can just put the jumper as the innermost layer and just change your bottoms.

2. Cold-specific skincare

Depending on your skin type, you may need to change your skincare routine when you are on the ski holidays Val d’Isere is known for. Ski Line Limited says it is important to know the weather before jumping on the slopes. Go for something ultra-moisturising, but gives that gorgeous glow so you look your best in the glow of the firelight. Do not forget your heavy-duty sunscreen for the trips up and down the slopes.

3. Thermal underwear

Gone are the days when fashion girls have to freeze if they wanted to look good. Thermal underwear is no longer unsightly or frumpy — they are now quite chic. You might end up sick on your trip if you do not keep warm. Nothing is more embarrassing than having to sit out all the fun because your body could not keep out the cold.

When packing your bags, it is always more fashionable to only have the essentials and as little luggage as possible. You can concentrate more on looking good than worrying about your bags that way.