Should I Let My Child Undergo a Root Canal Treatment?

Pediatric dentistry in NapaRoot canal treatment is an effective and safe technique to stop plenty of tooth pain types, as well as ensure that a tooth won’t be lost because of injury or decay. However, many parents wonder if they should go ahead with root canal treatment for their children because their baby teeth will fall out in the coming years anyway.

It’s Always Best to Save Your Child’s Tooth

While baby or primary teeth naturally shed between six and 12 years old, there are great reasons for attempting to save a baby tooth using root canal treatment, instead of extracting it simply because it’s damaged by infection or trauma. Primarily, baby teeth function the same as adult teeth, such that a missing tooth regardless of age could lead to eating and speech issues.

Baby teeth likewise act as guides for correct placement of incoming permanent teeth. If baby teeth are lost sooner than expected, permanent teeth could come in an awkward fashion, usually becoming crowded or tilted due to insufficient space, says a root canal specialist in Napa. This could lead to bite issues that might need extensive and costly orthodontic treatment later on.

You see, unlike the tooth’s outer surface, which is tough, inside is a soft pulp rich in nerves and blood vessels. Issues inside the tooth, such as decay or infection, are usually signaled by pain and sensitivity that could only be diagnosed with x-rays. This means that early detection is crucial to prevent the development of further infection or abscess. In more severe cases, the dentist might have to extract the tooth and replace it with a space maintainer for filling in the gap. However, space maintainers are often not enough to fully restore the tooth’s function and should be constantly monitored.

More Important Things to Keep in Mind

Although it’s understandable to be nervous for your child prior to the actual root canal treatment, don’t show your child your apprehension and anxiety, as he or she will easily pick up on it and follow your lead, VanDenburgh Dental advised. Explain to your child (if applicable) with the help of the dentist, how the treatment will go and give assurances that you’ll be right there with him or her the whole time. Think of the root canal treatment as something that will alleviate his or her tooth pain and save your child more corrective dental treatment later in life.