Scientific Conference: The First Step Towards Wider Psychedelic Acceptance

Woman Smoking WeedLSD and magic mushrooms belong to a broad category called psychedelic drugs that include other substances such as Ibogaine, ketamine, and ayahuasca. You may be aware of the general perception that these drugs are dangerous and not beneficial at all.

Today’s world has changed, however, as marijuana has gained more acceptance and now seen as a possible treatment for sickness. Other psychedelics seem to be heading for the same path as well.

Biggest psychedelic gathering

Psychedelics may become no longer associated with hippies and mystics but with doctors and scientists. More than two thousand professionals, made up of physicians, professors, health-industry professionals, and psychedelic experts, are now convening in Oakland City.

They all came for the largest psychedelics gathering in history.

Psychedelics for good health

The conference, Psychedelic Science 2017, features presentations that detail different topics related to psychedelic drugs. The primary purpose of the event, however, is to allow medical professionals to access psychedelics for study and use in the treatment of addiction, depression, and many other illnesses.

The event, of course, also aims to spread information on the good effects of psychedelics.

Psychedelics are good

The event may become a stepping stone towards the acceptance of psychedelics by the public. Various studies in the past have already proven the effectiveness of psychedelics for treatment. Take Ibogaine, for example. Ibogaine comes from the root bark of iboga, a central West African shrub.

Studies have shown that one of the alkaloids in Ibogaine can effectively treat most substance addictions, ranging from heroin, cocaine, alcohol, nicotine, to meth.

How Ibogaine works

The psychedelic operates in such a way that it resets the opiate receptors in an addict’s brain back to zero. Such a reset removes the desire for opiates. The removal allows for an easier transition to a drug-free life.

You can expect psychedelics like Ibogaine to become more widely accepted in the future. You can undergo Ibogaine treatment yourself in a specialty clinic such as Ibogaine Clinic, or you can recommend the treatment to someone you know.