Same Day Teeth

Dental Implant SampleAre you embarrassed by your smile due to failing or painful teeth? Are you embarrassed by wearing full dentures and wish to have fixed artificial teeth?  Same day teeth will improve confidence, as you will be able to eat all food without being embarrassed by your dentures moving. It is also possible to have different levels of quality of teeth so that you can be provided with a natural and confident smile.

Missing teeth cause a lot of problems with the way you look, and the way you do daily tasks such as chewing, speaking clearly, and smiling. Losing your natural teeth can be a life-changing event, but it does not mean that you must endure the problems for a long period.

Dental implants offer the ideal solution for missing teeth problems. However, the long healing time associated with a traditional dental implant treatment may be off-putting for some who want to enjoy their dental implants in the soonest possible time.

Thanks to major advances in dental technology, it is now possible to provide fully fixed teeth in just one dental trip for almost anyone. Even if you have been told you do not have enough bone to support same day dental implants, same day teeth could offer the ultimate solution. Same day teeth should always be carried out by dental professionals like those at Dental Implants Hampshire.

Am I a candidate?

If you have suffered from gum disease, bone loss or unstable teeth and are permanently self-conscious about your smile, then same day teeth can offer a life-changing solution for you.

You could be a candidate for same day teeth if you have many old fillings, failing crowns and bridges, along with gaps and many loose teeth that will need extracting,

You could also be a candidate if you wear old and worn partial dentures, or you would not even consider full dentures because you feel there is a stigma attached to them, or maybe that you are too young to wear them.

They are also suitable if you have suffered lifelong problems with dentures and cannot have the foods you like or that the look of your smile and natural teeth affects your confidence negatively.