Rhinoplasty: What You Can Expect

Rhinoplasty marksIf you’re considering rhinoplasty, it is important to note that it is a customized procedure. There are no universal series of steps to be followed, as it is unique to the anatomy of your nose and goals for the surgery. Common reasons for rhinoplasty include making the nose smaller or larger, altering the tip of the nose, changing the nose’s angle, and correcting other defects.

Brief Overview

The surgery may be done inside your nose or with a small incision at the base of the nose. Depending on the patient’s goals, the surgeon may need to remove some bone or cartilage or add tissues. After the reshaping and rearranging of bone and cartilage, the surgeon will place a splint on the nose. This is to support the new shape of the body part as it heals.

Changes in Your Nose

The results of the procedure may be subtle or significant. Beverly Hills rhinoplasty center, Allure Aesthetic Surgery of Beverly Hills suggests that this will depend on the correction or the change you want. You and your surgeon will need to agree on the objective on the surgery. It is best that you have realistic expectations and that your surgeon understands them. This is to give them the results you’re longing for.

Avoiding Complications

The results are permanent, but note that some factors like succeeding injury can change the appearance of the nose. It is also important to remember that patients need to have a fully-developed nose to undergo cosmetic surgery. This occurs by 15 or 16 years or age in girls and 17 or 18 in boys. Rhinoplasty before this time can cause the continued development of the nose to change the results of the surgery and lead to complications.

Nose is a prominent feature on your face and has a significant impact on your looks. If you think that reshaping your nose can make you happy and improve your self-image and confidence, rhinoplasty is worth considering. Note that you are likely to be satisfied with the results if you have realistic expectations of what the procedure can do for you.