Relaxation in Suspension: The Merits of Yoga Inversions

inversionNo pose could demonstrate the marvel of defying gravity through yoga better than inversions. It’s
amusing, thrilling, liberating, but the most rewarding part of doing an inverted position is its pocketful of amazing health benefits.

The leading names in aerial yoga, like AntiGravity Fitness, expound on the positive effects of being upside down while suspended in midair with the help of a yoga hammock. Want to know the wonderful inversion poses do to your body? Here are some worth mentioning:

Rev Up and Relax

Heating and cooling inversions have a magical way of energizing and soothe your body, respectively.
Routing more blood to the brain can effectively wake you up and revitalize your mind. Other types of inverted positions bring peace to your nervous system, and give you a sense of balance. This happens because your heart rate slows down and your sphincter muscles relax.

Hale Is Increased Immunity

Yoga inversions facilitate the job of your lymphatic system, which is responsible for cleaning your body. As lymph movement is dictated by gravity and muscle contractions, an upside down position helps lymph travel easier to your respiratory system to eliminate more bacteria and toxins off your body. With these poisonous substances and harmful organisms in your system out in the way, you’re less likely to get ill.

Improved Core Strength

If your lower body is stronger than its other half, inversions creates the balance you need. Inverted positions are known to help develop strength in the upper body, thus building up your core muscles altogether.

Legit Confidence Booster

Practicing yoga in flight is a sure-fire way to move out of your comfort zone and develop some self-esteem. It surely looks terrifying at first, but your level of confidence could jump to new heights the moment you perform it right.

Inversions are one of the reasons aerial yoga (or yoga in general, for that matter) is catching fire in the West as a fun, exotic, and healthy form of work as of late. In upturned positions, you might just experience the therapeutic fusion of mind and body, and gain a new perspective in life—literally.