Reiki: Unleashing the Power of the Hands To Heal

ReikiEverybody has an innate power to heal. It might sound too good to be true but through the practice of Reiki one can help another human being to attain better health. And the best part’s you don’t have to be a doctor to do it.

It’s simple. It’s easy. And most importantly it’s effective.

A Sick Planet

Humans are a unique breed of species. Even when everyone knows that plastics and all those man-made stuff are not biodegradable, people use them – to the detriment of our planet.

Australia may be an economic powerhouse, enviable as a developed nation. But the Land Down Under could be a victim of its own success. A quick look around will show you unmistakable haze in the sky, garbage just about everywhere you go and a sea level that’s rising dangerously on a yearly basis. In short, pollution is everywhere.

To compound things, fast food is eating the nation. Even with studies showing the increased risk associated with obesity and being overweight, Australians devour fast food like there’s no tomorrow. The result: Over 11 million Australian adults need to shed weight.

All these factors brought together has only made more people edgy – as stress levels find its way to Australian society like a river to the sea.

Reiki Does It

If you’re feeling work is getting to your nerves and is all stressed out, getting yourself a Reiki practitioner lay his hands on you could provide the healing you need. What makes it most astounding is you can become a Reiki master yourself by taking up a Reiki healing course under the guidance of a Reiki master. And since the techniques are pretty simple, even the young and the aged can do it.

While the process may look elementary, its methods are wondrously effective. Many weary individuals who have been administered Reiki have achieved a deeply relaxed state. Even better, the practice has been used to heal even degenerative diseases with great success.

That certainly is good news, given all the negative energy swirling around. Fortunately, Reiki can channel its energies – your energies – in defeating it.