Reducing the Likelihood of Patient Injury and Malpractice Suit

malpractice insuranceEven the best physicians can make mistakes. In the field of medicine, there is always a possibility for practitioners to face malpractice lawsuits. Studies show, however, that most cases today are not about incompetence and medical errors, but more on confusion and poor doctor-patient communication.

Proper communication should be a priority in every medical practice to ensure a smooth flow of the procedure. Preventing petty mistakes remains the most suitable solution, even though you can protect your practice with malpractice insurance, according to

Build a Personal Attachment

Not all cases of medical malpractice lead to lawsuits. If you have a positive relationship with your patients, they would less likely sue your for damages. The overall experience of patients in your office is one of the leading factors that people look into when facing malpractice.

More Knowledge, Less Mistakes

Every patient has a different story. If you’re an orthopedist, for instance, all patients consult you for abnormalities in the bone. But, each one has a certain issue not applicable to others. Before the appointment, not during, do your homework and get to know why the patient is coming to you for help.

Be on the Same Level

People normally find medical explanations a bit challenging to understand. Be considerate of your patients when it comes to medical terms and processes. When explaining a surgical procedure, for example, look for ways to clearly and effectively communicate the whole procedure to get their full consent and avoid lawsuits.

Change Things for the Better

Sometimes, you’ll never know that you’re making a mistake until it’s too late. Asking for patient feedback informs you about what you should change and maintain in your practice. Take time to listen and learn from patient experience during and post-procedure to know which area needs better management.

Medical malpractice claims may take a toll on your confidence as a physician. It also can affect your reliability towards future patients. But with proper actions, you can avoid facing lawsuits as much as possible.