Reduce Your Risk of Developing Dementia Through These Preventive Measures

Health CareDementia, which may manifest in various symptoms, can be debilitating and greatly impact a person’s quality of life. And sadly, this condition seems to surface during the elderly years of a person, a time when they face a lot of health issues. In fact, experts recognize age as a leading risk factor of dementia.

It wouldn’t hurt to take steps to avoid dementia. While there’s no guarantee, at least you can try and at the same time gain some benefits in other aspects of your health. Here are some measures you may take to reduce the risk of acquiring dementia:

  • Keep the Mind Active. Studies show there’s a higher likelihood of developing dementia with lack of mental activities. On the other hand, activities that may stimulate you mentally, such as crossword puzzles and word games, may delay dementia or lessen its effects.
  • Stop Smoking. Various studies report that smoking during your late adulthood may increase the chances of having dementia. Smoking has also been linked to blood vessel problems.
  • Engage in Regular Exercise. Exercise is beneficial for almost all medical conditions, and this includes dementia. According to one study, exercising three times a day may help in re-growing vital parts of the brain which may play a role in cognitive decline.
  • Take Up Education. People who studied formal education even at an old age were less likely to suffer mental decline. Education helps in the development of a strong nerve cell network that may offset any effects of dementia.
Managing Dementia

Hopefully, with these preventive measures, more and more people may be spared. But in the unfortunate event that you develop dementia, it’s important to seek medical attention. There are medications, such as Aricept, that will help manage the condition. When you order Aricept, Canada online pharmacies also offer informative counselling, so don’t forget to ask questions.

Dementia and other age-related conditions affect millions of people. Reduce your chances of being one of them by caring for your brain. Start early.